STEAM OFFLINE Press Shift + F1 for more info [Option to Disable Message]]

KaiiKiller shared this feedback 23 months ago

Please add ability to permanently disable / hide this message, I have set steam to offline mode for a reason, I do not need the game reminding me that I have started Steam in offline mode.

For me this annoying message is basically a no more SE for me kind of thing, I have since uninstalled SE out of annoyance at this message and will keep an eye out for it being fixed in a future update, as childish as that sounds I have very little tolerance for this kind of annoyance.

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I made a bug report about this and it's in the "considered" stage which means it probably wont be considered


Also i have stopped playing for the same reason but it doesn't seem like they care about people quitting the game


Same here, I have not played the game since the update introducing this terrible "feature" was released last year....

I would like to play it, but until this "message" is removed from Singleplayer Offline or ability to disable it is implemented I have absolutely no more interest in Space Engineers.

I purchased Space Engineers as a Singleplayer game I can play with Steam offline, I do not care about Multiplayer, I do not care about DLC, I just want to play the game I purchased as a Singleplayer game with Steam set to Offline.... that's it, that's all I want from SE.