Star System / Planetary Lander

Roy2D2C shared this bug 3 years ago

Atmospheric Lander mk.1 or the Planetary Lander from the respawn screen in Star System has an issue with the interior and exterior being a vacuumed space when the door is opened. I will zip and attach the world file though I do not know if the lander will be there when the world is loaded. If not the STR is:

New star system on a dedicated server (unless loading attachment,) spawn in planetary lander. Wait till the Lander stops and is hovering, walk to the door and open it, put up visor and should start suffocating. Jetpack away from the lander till suffocating stops and finally land on the ramp to start suffocating again.

Respawning at the medical terminal does not stop it. I resolve it by closing the door, waiting for it to repressurise and re-opening the door.

I also noted that the Planetary Lander on Easy Start Earth did not have this issue.

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