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So i had my "base" looted and semi destroyed, it was left without power so my dude in the cryo chamber died i guess.

No idea when it happened since i didnt play in a while. Due to the state the game is in i am amazed i even felt like playing it again but ok..

Well basicaly i had to respawn back on the same planet and first time i tried i spawned 30km from my wrecked base. I flew and walked back there and saw what happened and started making some repairs. I didnt manage to rebuild a cryo chamber or a survival kit, i was going to do it the next day.

Well the next day i had to respawn again, (why we cant survive server restarts outside a cryo chamber is beyond me) and the first time i was over 200km away from when i wanted to be.

So i tried again and again and again...for an hour. All i got was spawns 200-160 km away from my desired location.

Individual spawns were as litle as a couple km apart, but i just kept testing to see if i can get closer. The closest was 120km. Which i didnt feel like wasting time on traveling so i just went to play a more rewarding similar game.

So the questions here are:

-is spawning location on a certain planet totaly random or is it deliberately designed to put you in the least desirable location simply to annoy you?

-why cannot we survive server restarts outside of cryo chamber?


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Sounds like the standard for offline raid victims. The offline raiders make sure you won't be interrupting them as they happily tear apart your everything, and they are aided by the spawn system which is likely just random (next probability AFAIK would be spawning you in the next most remote area).

This is another reason I like moon starts.


What do you mean about the moon starts?

Well my dilema here is do i go back which would take me hours or do i start a new somewhere ealse. which would take me more hours. But that doesnt matter, that is all part of the game.

The only advantage i see is i would be harder to find on a new location.

If we disregard the time i have alredy invested in the first base and just start again that would mean more digging and building, which would put aditional strain on the server.

Now since the server alredy runs absurdly slow, i would want a way to delete my previous creation, or what is left of it. And the voxel deformations i made on that location. I have heard that is possible but i never tried before.

So what do?


Moons are only 19 km diameter and have low natural gravity, so you can just jetpack to any point on it. Albeit, it is easier to get raided.

As for making a new base, you might have to when you got offline raided; your old location got discovered and might've been recorded. You can still recover you remnants later, after you got a more covert base going.


Your problems seem to stem from a lack of understanding of the nature of PvP in online servers.

Don't build bases on planets -- because of the way LOD is rendered, even the tiniest hole you dig in the ground is extremely obvious from space, which means your base is easy to find and raid.

Weapons on bases do nothing against offline raiders. Turrets only shoot so far, and player accuracy always exceeds the turrets. Changing weapon range (as you suggested in another ticket complaining about getting offlined) won't help either. If your base is found while you are offline, its dead. Simple as that.

Spawn locations are randomized. That is by design. If you want to return to a previous location, that is what survival kits and medical rooms are for -- they provide you spawn points. It's a simple as that.

As noted by someone else, one of the first things offline raiders will attempt to do is disable your survival kits and medical rooms so you can't show up while they are looting your base. Does it suck? Absolutely. But that is literally how the game is played. If you don't like it, perhaps avoid PvP servers that permit offline raiding.

I don't use cryochambers because I don't see the point. I have on many occasions sat my character in a couch in a pressurized ship or vehicle and logged out and logged in after server restarts to find my character right where I left it. Your character won't die if you leave it in an oxygenated warm environment, sitting somewhere that is powered. Cryochambers have issues with providing o2 sometimes (I've heard if your helmet is closed, you'll only draw from your suit supply and can suffocate). If the location your character is located runs out of power (and gets cold) or oxygen, then your character will die. Ultimately, it's no big deal, just spawn at your survival kit or medical bay.

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