Space Pod balance issues

Gaz shared this feedback 21 months ago

There are a few non-obvious, yet overpowered and broken mechanics tied to this spawn ship.

First things first, space is *by far* the easiest start you can have in survival. Space has more ore than planets, space has more types of ore than planets (all of them).

All the ores you could ever need can be found in any random 100 km sphere in space, which is an entire different issue on its own, but lets stay on topic.

You can move at max speed in space without using power indefinitely and even the weakest of structures will hold together and function, giving you ridiculous amounts of forgiveness for building.

The difficulty tags for starter ships are simply wrong...

Now, this is not the issue I'm talking about.

The space starter pod is the only spawn ship that has mobility in every direction, where the others literally only have 1 direction, not even wheels or a gyro.

What else? The Space Pod is the only spawn ship that is a large ship.

Now coming to the real issue...

It has 10 large ship ion thrusters.

Together those can be disassembled into 320 kg of refined platinum ingots.

320 kg of platinum ingots takes over 41 hour to refine with a regular (large ship large) refinery.

320 kg of platinum ingots takes 64000 kg of platinum ore, which is really hard to find.

320 kg of platinum ingots would cost you around 100 million space credits...

Normal contracts that take 20 to 30 minutes give you around 500k to 1 million credits.

The highest reward for a contract I saw so far was 10 million credits for... you guessed it... the acquisition of 50 platinum ingots. 50?!

Now here's the funny part, jumping a spawn ship to your base takes about 1 to 10 minutes depending on the spawn distance to wait for your jump drive to recharge.

The only thing it would cost is a small amount of power, which is totally free if you know what you're doing.

Also spawn ships have no cooldowns on official servers, giving you an infinite supply of (ridiculous amounts of) platinum and well... space credits.

Lol, I'm sorry, but how is this thing still there on a zero cooldown timer on official servers?

That's not even the end of it.

There has been a lot of issues as well with space pods spawning to close nearby online enemy players (for god knows what reason) and several people caught abusing that have been banned.

Here's something crazy : What if it wasn't even there in the first place? It's ridiculous!

I have heard one argument so far that seems somewhat rational:

low end users need equal chances with high end users that can render planets.

Just a heads up there is literally nothing fair about the space start and both users will simply exploit it and ignore the rest.

Also, going by this argument; Why wouldn't the space pod just be a comparable small ship that would actually make it hard like it says on the spawn screen?

The current space pod basically gives you a free flying base / large ship miner.

It already has 2 large batteries, you can refine stone from the asteroid in front of you for a few solar panels in 5 minutes and boom, self sustaining base.

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The space pod has needed to be nerfed down to a small grid basically since planets were added. Unfortunately, it may be a while until Keen does anything.

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