Space Engineers - Better Official Servers / Fee ?

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Let's be real here,


The 10 000 PCU limit servers GTX Gaming put at the disposal of Keen [yes, that's why we have the GTX Gamin logo on the multiplayer server bar], so official servers would exist, kinda suck. And they suck bad: I'm an EU player, and in other games, like WorldOfTanks on Eu servers i get 35-40ms. On the official Keen Servers i get 90+ms usually 140+ms and lots of rubber-banding.

So the game is somewhat playable, but the servers GTX Gaming provided are utter shit, guano, crap etc, u get the idea.


Now i understand, that GTX Gaming is a business and they have to keep the good servers for their paying customers. Frankly i don't even know if their payed servers are good.

There used to be more servers, with more PCU limit with better connections / reponse times. What happened? I imagine those servers were payed in full by Keen, and they were probably a cash sink, since Space Engineers is not a subscription based game. However Space Engineers is a CPU intensive game. So having good official servers is justifiable.

I imagine KEEN entered in a bad deal with GTX Gaming.


Tell the community SpaceEngineers is a CPU intensive game, make a poll if they would agree to this or at least make this option available to those who want to pay while also keeping the old GTX Crap Servers. Add a yearly subscription FEE of 24 Euros / Year [comes down to 2 Euros / Month]. The person who pays this FEE has a single reserved slot for a certain server he chooses. That server would have 32 slots. So the budget for that server for an entire year would be 768 Euros. which is pretty close as a price tag if we go to the GTX Gaming site and we configure a 32 slot server with everything to maximum. We can get the following:

Space Engineers Dedicated Game Server

Game Server Hosting

Space Engineers Dedicated Game Server£0.00

» Slots: 32

» Memory Allocation: Up to 20GB£180.00

» Location: Frankfurt, Germany (Instant Setup)£0.00

» Hard Disk: NVMe. M2 Enterprise (Extreme Performance)£50.90

» CPU Clock Speed: 4.8Ghz+ (OC Extreme Performance)£61.10

» CPU Priority: Realtime CPU Priority (Extreme Turbo Boost)£71.30

» VIP Ticket Priority Support: Normal Fast Support Please£0.00

Setup Fees:£0.00



P.s.: would be nice if on this server we can have 100 000 PCU limit. Anyway imagine how much fun we would have as a community for this.

P.s.2: servers would expire at the end of a 356 cycle. And everytime you join a server the date x out of 356 days would appear. This would let the players know, that they should probably do something by the end of the cycle.

Now, i'm not telling you to strike a better deal with GTX Gaming, i don't care about GTX Gaming that much. But strike a deal with a provider that's actually good, gives more etc.


1. Why don't you buy a server with your friends and play with them? I don't have 32 friends that play Space Engineers i barely have 1-2 and they play it on and off. They are not reliable partners in a faction. However i did meet a couple a nice players on the official keen servers, made a faction with them now we are pretty strong.

2. What about the part of community that don't want to pay? Well what i described was a concept for a PREMIUM SERVICE managed by Keen, since they made the game we love. Who can't afford to pay the premium fee should not pay the premium fee and play on the crappy servers. Frankly 2 Euros / Month is not that much. And if you can't afford the maxium premium fee maybe other plans could become available, like, idk: 12 Euros / Year for a 16 slot server @50 000 PCU, or 6 Euros / Year for a 8 slot server @25 000 PCU.

3. How would you feel if this would be a reality? As a 1400h+ player, i need new challenges in a Vanilla Environment to test my skills versus other players. Yes i'm talking about Faction Warfare at a large scale. So i'd be pretty happy if this became a thing.

@LastStandGamers: Where do you host your servers for Space Engineers?

@CaptainJack: Where do you host your servers for Space Engineers?

I'm interested to see a lot of opinions on this topic, from Keen as well. I will share this feedback on Steam and on Reddit, please share it as well.

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30-40 ping when Live in Spain but you playing server in east Europe.

I have Ping 20-24 in DOTA.

As much as i wish to play non laggy game, but to pay monthly fee to a company that in 6 years cant even make grinder to hit block correctly and calls it 1.0 game and has a history not completing anything...... no....

I think we have more problems than weak server power... before we can consider p2p.


I have multiple problems with this and I think you're quite misinformed.

I have never seen indications of the 10,000 PCU limit being one GTXGaming made. They're sponsoring the servers, yes.

But they do not impose the limits. Keen has access to certain servers, which already are on high-end hardware. A dev talked about a good part of them running on i9900k's, which is pretty much top of the shelf hardware. And they do in fact have access to the entire processors all for themselves.That concludes my corrections.

Now to the things I don't like about this:

Firstly, why do you not simply play on a community server that already has this kind of performance and allows for more PCU per player? Those server not only run better due to torch, which keen wont use, they are also way more actively moderated and monitored. many of them have a lot of active players and a thriving community

Secondly, I don't think Keen should be taking money for servers simply because we community server admins can also not do it.

Sure it is their product, but they explicitly forbid paid servers in the ToS and they would effectively break their own ToS with this concept. Absolutely not a fan of that.

While GTXGaming sure isn't the best host there is, in Keen's case, this really isn't their fault. A server for 16 people is gonna run like shit, especially with all the exploits people can use to get more PCU for themselves, if you don't run it with torch and plugins to improve the performance


@Kuroshi thank you for the informative post.

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