some ideas for the game

Shatter shared this feedback 50 days ago

water moving planets asteroid fields moving asteroids a new irl planet asteroid rings make the sun an actual fucking object asteroid belts

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Formatting and/or capitalization would help readability quite a bit.

Water ends up being either a set piece, or being truly, ridiculously impossible to implement between a new type of material for the engine, physical interactions, and flowing burning up the CPU.

Voxels can't move in the VRAGE engine. Any moving planets/asteroids will sadly have to wait for a potential sequel.

A new planet would be nice, if it had anything to distinguish it. My personal favorite is a gas giant covered in hydrogen. Any other ideas?

Asteroid clusters/rings would be a good addition, in that the current resource distribution incentivizes staying in deep space to avoid raids. A gathering point in a zero-gravity environment, with significant battlefield obstacles, would be a great addition to the game.

It's difficult to have a system with a physical sun that avoids permanent dark sides. Additionally, there would be even more complicated sunlight calculations.