Smooth Fit for Blocks Connected with Piston

Vincent shared this feedback 2 years ago

Please make it possible for blocks connected with piston to fit nicely within a gap of similar blocks. It's possible to do with (inf.)x1 sized gaps but what if I want to build a capsule that pushes away from the wall nicely and goes back in, it won't be small.

Here's mechanism I am using for testing:


A 3x2 gap that has the blocks connected to the piston needed for the gap to fill in.

I have tried with normal small grid blocks as you can see, but....


Then I have tried the blast doors, result wasn't good also..


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i have identified the more modern issue as a bug, as its a placement issue (its offset diagonally, but more so to one cardinal direction than the other)

edit: this thread is basically outdated, as they have made the block size "what you see is what you get" instead of the slightly larger than normal, which is how it used to be

however, my thread addresses an issue that is similar to this one, but is up-to-date with the block collision fix, as this will normally work, but create "phantom forces" in the modern version