Smaller hydrogen tank

WurbenHurgenGamingChannel shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hi, as everyone knows, the hydrogen engine is coming, but it isn't the fix for a smaller hydrogen tank everyone wanted. It is good, maybe a bit fuel hungry, but, for small craft hydrogen based craft (flying ones), it is practically useless. this comes from it's pretty awkward shape and it's drain on the hydrogen supply - considering it takes hydrogen that could be going to thrusters to power itself, and it's "hydrogen tank" functionality isn't working (it needs to be running to store fuel).

A simple fix could be a small 1x1x3 tank, with 6 conveyor ports, like a large ship tank crushed on 4 of it's sides into 1 block. This would give us the small hydrogen tank we need, whilst still having a use for the bigger tanks, due to it having at most 1/9th the capacity (for large grid) and at worst, 3/125th's (for small grid, considering it's a 5x5x5 block, not 3x3x3 like on large grid), the fuel amount would be significantly less, but, it would be easier to fit into smaller ships, including parasite fighters and the like, which have to carry lots of heavy ice to be able to actually fuel themselves.

Hope this is readable for everyone.

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Still no small tanks. Sad.