small advance rotor 1x1x1

roberto mangherini shared this feedback 2 years ago

if you want make a drilling arm or a gatling turret, you must use an advance rotor.

the issue is that this block is 3x3x1 of size, too big for make a better design.

I suggest to create a 1x1x1 advance rotor, connectable with smal conveyour tube, perfect for supply gatling or drills.

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I think than what could be nice is to be able to attach small part on advanced rotors (the small version used on ship, not the big one)

Since we can on small vehicule, it would be great than advanced rotor exist in 1x1x1.

I don't understand why small part head or small advanced rotor is not available on small ship. Why it is available only on structure advanced rotors but not on ship advanced rotors.

This is a game where you design ship. Putting a big advanced rotor to be able to do something don't give a good shape to your ship.

Will be great if this features was added. It's already in the game (Small head part). Just need to give the option and maybe create a new item in 1x1x1.