Size matters (well, I mean, height)

Cassin shared this feedback 2 years ago

So, I ran a couple of simple tests with wind turbines, and it appears that altitude matters.

First I set only one on the ground (or, on the block I put on the ground) and got 210.78 of max output.

Then I rise it block by block, and power creep slowly up to 368.83 of max output with 7 block high, then start to slowly going down (368.83 on 10 blocks, 368.7ish on 20 blocks)

Then, spacing matters too. If I put two windmills side by side, they imped each other to work at full output. It seems that the average space between two to maintain full power is 3 blocks appart.

So that's a windmill every 9 blocks (3 blocks large, 3 spaces, 3 blocks large) by 7 block in height.

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I dismantle my yesterday 4 ground windmills to successfully run my basic assembler with only 2 elevated ones.

The second as slighty less power output, so it may be 8 blocks from the ground as I notice my first one is setted up on a block not so much embeded in voxel and the second is almost entirely embeded. That not bring much difference, put it may matters.