Single player world randomly unloads claiming it lost connection

Kham shared this feedback 21 months ago

I'm playing in my world, it's set to private so as close to single player as you can get without using offline mode, and it keeps randomly unloading my world and claiming it lost connection. This has happened twice in the last hour now.

I've only just come back to playing after a few months break from the game because this was also happening last time I played and it's infuriating. How can I 'lose connection' to my own damn computer?

Zipped log file attached.

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This was supposed to be filed as a bug but apparently I clicked the wrong button...


My experience with this suggests it may be a flaky connection to Steam. Since the client was not started in offline mode, it's a technicality which tells it to kill your session. I disagree with the implementation of it as-is, and agree this should not be a thing.

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