Show targeted block name in HUD

unknown engineer shared this feedback 3 years ago

When you target a block with a hand or ship welder/grinder, the game already displays the block type and who built it in your HUD.

It would be really convenient, if the block's name would be displayed as well.

Some blocks don't have a terminal so directly configuring them after placement requires a terminal somewhere else. Take interior lights for example. You usually place a couple of these and the auto numbering can go all over the place. If you could just point your welder/grinder at that light in front of you and see its name, setting those kinds of blocks up would be so much easier.

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No more turning show on HUD whole bunch of blocks just to see if everything is alright. Also it would be nice to instant jump into terminal if antenna is avaible for sake of renaming process.


This would definitively improve the building experience and seem a relatively low hanging fruit.

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