Show distance to GPS coordinate in jump drive

Itar shared this feedback 5 months ago

A fairly simple request. Show the distance to a GPS coordinate in the jump drive select list. With the Economy Update I end up with several GPS entries with similar names for example having 3 "IDDC - Station" coordinates saved. Inevitably I will want to jump to one of the GPS locations and it would be way easier to have the distance to know that I'm picking the right GPS without having to rename them every time I add a new one to add a stupid number just to tell which one is which. This should also be done in the Remote Control for the same reasons.

I would also like to see it done in the basic GPS menu so when I mine out an ore deposit I know which "Iron" entry to delete.

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Here's what I do for naming my GPS points. It makes things a lot easier to deal with. Before selecting a destination in the Jump Drive I put as many dashes in front of it as I can so it stands out in the list.