Shock absorbers like bumpers on cars

Björn Eberhardt shared this feedback 3 years ago

Building drop pods and rovers is now a lot of fun in Space Engineers, but whenever anything big enough or going faster than 5 m/s scratches the voxels, you are lucky not to lose a few large thrusters in that incident.

I'm also impressed how well wheels (if you manage to land on them first) can survive 50 m/s impact, maybe this is some sub-grid physics that is protecting the rest of the ship here.

I now think, what if a 1x1 bumper block made of rubber was touching a voxel and only slowly passed on the force of an impact to the rest of the ship to save it? I could use it like on bumper cars to save me from a few accidents. It could also help guiding through smaller tunnel networks, like lubricant oils.

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You already spoiled the solution yourself: wheels act like the bumper blocks you want.

Solo wheels can already absorb quiet some force, if you combine them with suspensions they can take quiet a beating.


One of the things you can use for this, is either heavy armor blocks, or blast door blocks. Small wheels as Menos Wansis has pointed out also function similarly. All three of these blocks can absorb quite a lot of damage, without even being damaged themselves.

Unfortunately, even with them, damage can sometimes bypass them and go through to the blocks behind them anyway. However, in my own practices with these, that damage is still smaller then it would of been without them.

I don't disagree that having a specific block for this purpose would be nice, especially for aesthetics, but I feel with the current blocks that already provide this function to some degree is enough.

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