Shadow optimization perhaps

Mechanized Cheese shared this feedback 15 months ago

I have recently starting to build towns on planet to attempt to make the surface more lively.

The game starts to have performance hit (FPS drop) because there's start to have quite a few grids. So I assume there's too many things to render so I started to tweak graphics.

After some test I have single out the performance hit is solely from shadow because after turning it off, no performance hit at all despite having multiple large static grids.

However I have notice that even when I cornered myself into wall, when looking toward the direction of shadow heavy area, there's still performance hit, shadows are still casting when I cannot see them (in this case I should be only seeing the shadow of the corner)

Perhaps there's something can be done?

(Shadow quality setting have difference of only ~5 fps difference between high and low, while turning off shadow give me ~30-50 fps back)

(Trees have virtually no impact even when I am standing in a heavy forest with maximum tree visible range. This confuses me on how shadow work on this game)