Server Optimization (Load Balancing)

tawapah shared this feedback 2 years ago

To handle more online players, the servers could make use of a container-orchestration system (something like K8s or K3s) for automatic scaling and load-balancing (if this method is not already in use?).

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Here is also a good article on the subject: "Scaling Dedicated Game Servers with Kubernetes"

Hope some of the developers will look into this, as it can result in a significat improvement of the game!


The article above is a very simplified example of using Kubernetes (K8s) for game servers, so I thought it would make good sense also to mention other game companies and their use of K8s.

Here is an article about how Epic Games uses K8s for Fortnite servers:

And here is a bit info about how CCS uses K8s for their EVE Swagger Interface (ESI):

It is also worth mentioning that K8s supports automated CI/CD practices and can be used on all the big cloud providers (Azure, AWS and Google etc.), but also as your own local self-hosted "bare-metal" cluster (e.g. if some code never should go online). The same is true for K3s (a lightweight Kubernetes).

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