Rework of the bounty system

SR shared this feedback 2 months ago

Let me start out by saying that i really like the idea of bounty hunters. But as it currently stands, it is simply not big enough. There can be so much more! So let me supply you with some ideas. (This will be a long post, so get your coffee to stay awake)

1. NPCs set bounties on enemy NPC ships/stations.

Imagine the possibilities. Be a good guy, the protector of Traders, shutting down space pirate cruisers or "silencing" the competition. Or be a bad guy, working with the space pirates, pillaging and capturing trader transports. Reward the player with a bigger amount of cash and rep the harder the Job is.

2. Make the factions which are giving you the contract also give you some backup.

Once you arrive at the spot you are supposed to kill, Give the player like 2-6 small fighter drones (maybe 2 for a small station and around 4 for a full blown battlecruiser) of the faction you are doing this contract for. Maybe even give the player a bit more support the higher their rep with the faction is. Eliminate friendly fire in the heat of battle by coloring the Support drones' Antenna signals in green.

3. Make it not possible for players to set bounties on other players.

An NPC should give these contracts so that the GPS feature isn't abused. So, once someone accepts the contract he is given a device (or something) which broadcasts the location of the victim for a certain time (1 hour maybe) If the bounty hunter gets within 500 km of the victim, the victim will receive an alert, as well as the position of the bounty hunter. This will create a 1v1. If the victim gets the device, the bounty hunter will lose double the reputation. and will have to pay the collateral. otherwise he is free to try again until the time limit is over, although he will only receive an approx. location of the victim until he retrieves the device. This will make PvP bounty hunting a real challenge which is always a gamble as you can lose your high collateral and will have to hunt down that GPS device, and all that on a timer.

4. Make bounty hunting NPC factions (not sure, might be unbalanced)

Bounty hunters should, with my proposed systems, be rather common in Space Engineers. So why not be able to get in touch with bounty hunter NPCs, where you can pay and send some drones after a player. If the player kills the drones, he will be able to find a datapad in the drone's inventory, telling him who the sender was. This means that if the attacked player wants revenge, he can send some drones of his NPC bounty hunter friends, creating small attacks to encourage you to not get comfy on one place. I suggest a price of 500k -1M for sending one drone with 2 gatling turrets to his location. if his base is well defended, it's free scrap for him, if it's not... Well, his mistake.

5. Make bounty hunter stations

Basically like an NPC trading station, found in space, within a safe zone. This "trading station" only gives bounty contracts and might sell fighters or other small ships, along with rifles and ammunition. Everything to get a player started in this business for some cash (more like a lot, you will need gear) that you can get by trading or being in a faction with a high budget.

That's all. Make sure to let me know what you think of this and add your suggestions in this thread.

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Not sure about disabling PVP bounties (although I don't play PVP so I can't really say much about it) but I would love to see NPC bounties being given out