Revert Blueprints menu UI to old version + improvements

CptSavarus shared this feedback 23 months ago

Hello team!

Please consider reverting the Blueprints menu UI back to the old style, while keeping some of the new improvements such as larger thumbnails.


1) Moving the list from the right-hand side to the left is a confusing change to get used to after 5 years of having it on the right. I've given it time thinking I'd get used to it but I just can't.

2) With the new menu being full-screen, most of it is dead space.

3) The full-screen menu serves to detatch the player from the game, whereas with the old menu the game-world was still visible & the player still felt connected to it. IE it didn't feel like a menu.

4) Having the menu full-screen only reinforces the feeling that the game is mostly menu-focused. We already spend half our game time in the Control Panel, which can heavily detract from the sheer fun of flying around & enjoying the game world. Given this I believe it's important to minimise "that menu feeling" as much as possible. While it's not possible to do away with the blueprints menu, it *is* possible to make it feel less like a menu - the old 1/4 screen UI did that well.

5) Burrying the edit functions beneath an extra superfluous "edit" button is counter-intuitive & a step backward from what we had previously. I've addressed this in another suggestion but believe it's also relevant here, since the old UI was much more intuitive in this regard.

Please consider giving us back the old style menu. It was easier to look at & use and felt much less like spending time in "yet another menu".

Even the option to expand or collapse the menu to 1/4 screen or full-screen as you prefered would be a step in the right direction.

Many thanks.

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I have to agree, pervious BP menu was easier to handle in many ways. New one seems to be a little bit off. To be honest a would like to see everything on wrist screen, fallout 4 style for more emergent experience. Also block screens could suit terminal need, finally there would be a reason to place control panel with huge screen. I would like to sit in front of them and feel I am actually in control.


+ checkbox to select whether to use "new" or "old" menu style.