respawn screen with autorespawn=false needs to preselect closest respawn point, not first one

Space Ork shared this feedback 4 years ago

This will avoid unnecessary server load in multiplayer where autorespawn is disabled. Player usually wants to respawn close to his death, not in place game arbitrarily chooses as first on a list. Avoiding to load this place will increase performance in multiplayer on every player death.

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It just makes it a lot harder to respawn with what we have now. For example, if you are attacking a large base in a suit and you have a respawn ship nearby, if you die the entire base will de-load, and the top respawn point will load. Sometimes this can be a big base so it will take a while. Then you have to re-load the enemy base in order to respawn. And if you have lower-end hardware or worse internet, it will take much longer. Keen has already done something like this suggestion with the autorespawn feature, but many servers including the one I play on have it disabled. This is something they really need to add.

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