Requesting a Rail/Track block or option.

blugsnorfia shared this feedback 7 months ago

It would be amazing to have some kind of a rail or track that can either,

1: lock into place and allow linear only function until destruction or detach.


2: Use the energy of the attached or independent grids to allow propulsion and braking function in a linear fashion.

This could be done through a merge function, and having each train and attached blocks being part of the original station, or by making the rails or tracks create a separate grid like a piston or rotor, allowing each tram or train to act independently and use it's own resources until "docked" via connectors.

I could see this utilized in either method of creating it's own propulsion properties, or allowing the user to make a propulsion system and letting physics do the rest. I can't imagine this working well on a basic rail with a train sitting on top like in reality, but with some kind of attachment or merge, this could be very feasible and so beneficial to gameplay and planet builders.

All I want is a tram from my valley bunker to my mountain top base, so I can launch rockets like a true space enthusiast. Kind regards. - Blugsnorfia

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I didnt know myself untill i watched this

Its already in the game if you combine landing gear and armor block as it seems.


Ohh, linear motors, nice!