(Request) More Audio sliders, or: Grinder noises are not equal to Life Support Critical alerts

Skye Mors shared this feedback 2 years ago

I understand the want for a simplistic interface that has two audio sliders ("Music" and "Sound", and technically also "Voice chat"), but this is incredibly annoying when "Sound" includes ALL sounds produced in-game; your Grinder, Welder, guns, explosions, and, oh yeah, the Voice Assistant that warns you when your energy is critical and you're going to die.

I would like to request a few more sliders that divvy up the "Sound" slider as such:

"Tools" (both hand tools and grid tools, possibly includes weapons), "Voice Assistant", "Grids" (doors, buttons, pistons, Klang, grid weapons, etc), "Explosions & Damage", and "Ambient" (the low rumble heard in cockpits, refineries, etc.)

I currently have the Sounds set to roughly... uh... maybe 5% (sliders don't have any way to tell), so that I can immersively grind blocks, seeing as how... well, sound has some issues traveling through a vacuum, and to preserve my hearing. The downside to this is that recently I have missed almost all alerts on Suit Energy, resulting in my near demise more than once. Adding these sliders would make sense, because the Voice Assistant's sound is produced in the helmet, where there would be no muffling, but all other noises are outside the helmet, which would (for the most part) only be heard via conduction or if in an environment with air (helped by an open visor).

This might lead to an overhaul in the sound system, but I doubt that would be implemented before the next six Cosmetic Packs. :p

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A clear idea, I like it.

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