request: hydraulic / pnumatic toggle for pistons

Skoll shared this feedback 13 months ago

pistons in their current stats cant be used to absorb impacts. and act like hydraulic rams.

while they can be forced to compress if you squeeze them with another piston, they wont return to their target position, and would rather explode than compress.

i request that pistons have a mode toggle to allow them to be used as cushions on docking systems, or as custom suspension components.

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Currently they don't work like pistons at all, more like linear screw drive actuators. While they're not moving under their own power, not only can't you compress them with enough force, you can't even forcefully extend them. They're effectively locked with infinite resistance. (Ignoring any application of clang for the moment, that is, including compression by other pistons.)

And WHEN they're moving under their own power, you can't make them move faster or slower with, say, weights pulling in the appropriate direction. At best, they just don't move if the weight becomes too great.



could a very good adition, i Always wanted such a feature

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