Request: Different speeds for forward/reverse on rotors/pistons

Ferarn shared this feedback 2 years ago

I've noticed for a long time that one of the more difficult issues to get around when making complex machines with folding, sequenced parts is the fact they can open/close perfectly in one direction with a set of speeds, but when reversed all Klang breaks loose unless swapped. This can be overcome with programming blocks, or complex timer block arrays, but I feel like it could be made a lot simpler by allowing pistons and rotors to have variable speeds for either direction, maybe with a toggle option to enable/disable when wanted.

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I thiught exactly same.

But I think you should explain it better, there are more chances of being noticed, understood and in the end of being implemented.


I would like this, but for slightly different reasons.

I've currently at the stage of the game where I've got a mobile drilling platform. I move it, I drill down, I move it again... rinse and repeat.

One aspect that is I need to drill down quite slowly, but I can pull the drill back up very quickly.

Currently, I either need to wait for the slow drill to rise or manually alter the speed to bring it back up quicker.

It would be helpful if the forward speed and reverse speeds could be separated.