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Request Change to Cornerlight Offset direction

Patrick Heney shared this feedback 16 months ago
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The direction of the offset for corner lights seems to be randomly selected from one of the two orthogonal directions of the light. This makes using the lights tricky and frustrating to configure.

I suggest a drop down control be added with three options: horizontal, vertical, diagonal.

When Horizontal is selected, the offset direction is along the direction along whatever surface the light is attached. If attached in an actual corner, just pick a surface, it doesn't matter (because of the other options below).

When Vertical is selected, the offset direction is along the direction away from whatever surface the light is attached. if attached in an actual corner, this simply uses the "other" surface from what Horizontal used.

When Diagonal is selected, the offset direction is along both the Horizontal and Vertical directions.

The corner lights do not have the radius or offset distance available to other lights, which makes them generally not useful for anything but accent lights. This change adds a degree of utility to the lights that makes them suitable building choices in many situations.

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It's not random. It just feels random because you can't tell the part's orientation when you place it as it looks identical in either one. Right now, you need mods such BuildInfo to tell the current orientation before placement.



Actually, I'm wrong, you don't need a mod (although it makes it easier). If you turn on the rotation hints, you see this cube in the top right. If you look closely, you can see that the left rear face of that cube is tinted red and the right rear face is tinted blue, hinting at which axes they belong to. (see axis overlay on light block for reference)


So, even without a mod, you still have some way to tell which one is the front and as such which way the light source offset goes when you adjust it.

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