[REQUEST] Blueprint categories/infos in workshop

Scytero shared this feedback 14 months ago

Dear Keen,

I've been playing this game for years now, not at least because of the manifold blueprints in the workshop. But what I miss is some kind of categorization on what the builds are for. Can I use a ship in atmosphere, doesn it usee hydrogen, is it "survival-ready". Also, as I'm playing on servers a lot, it is very relevant nowadays, how big a build is (in block counts) and how many PCUs it uses up.So, I request yoiu to add tags/labels and a temaplte for technical infos (or automated analyzation on upload like for used mods) of blueprints. Here some example options:

  • Survival ready / Needs Creative Mode
  • Space vehicle
  • Atmosphic vehicle
  • Driveable (Wheeled) vehicle
  • Contraption
  • Has Weapons
  • Has Industrial Systems

Data to be given automatically:

  • Small Grid/Large Grid/Combined
  • Used PCUs
  • Blockcount
  • Dimension (in blocks)

Also it would be fine, if this infos can be used as filter option on blueprint selection ingame (F10).

I hope you will consider this, as I'm sure I'm not the only one, who would like to have this feature.