Remote Removal Balance

Warlord shared this feedback 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I run a PVP server (Lawless PVP) and it currently has "remote removal of blocks" enabled which allows players to remove unwanted blocks taking up their pcu/block limits. It works well but there is a balance problem. When an enemy ship is captured by the other faction, the team that lost the ship simply remotely removes it. As such its effectively impossible to capture another ship if the player is online and aware of it.

I would like to see some kind of tweak to the way the system works perhaps a count timer is initiated anytime a grid you own has part of it's ownership owned by an enemy. 30 minutes would be a reasonable time for most grid sizes.

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Hello, thank you for the good idea. Lets see how popular it gets by voting.


Griefers aside....

Perhaps a time limit also based upon proximity of players and grids much like server cleanup.? That way, if the attacker moves off and it is also outside the window of allowed time, then it can be deleted. However, if the attacker takes the ship home within proximity of their own grids, after a time, maybe 24 hrs in RT, then the blocks owned by the defender will revert to Neutral/No owner. Frees up their PCU and Allows for authentic salvage.

However, if I attack,, win, and decide to just move off and time is expired, then the owner can delete owned blocks. Its fair to assume no salvage will be down. Nice to leave it there as a relic, but not too practical with SE.... version 1 :)


Something like that sounds good. I should not be able to remove a grid that I lost in a fight which my enemy is actively grinding down or otherwise interacting with. But we may also need some grace period to repair our own stuff before turning to salvaging, since you want to be prepared in case the enemy returns for more.