Remote Access Terminal and Antenna Power

Scott Holland shared this feedback 2 years ago

The OFF button for the Antenna is ALWAYS in exactly the same screen location as the TERMINAL button for remote access.

If the interface does not respond immediately to a click on the Terminal button and you accidentally send an extra click to the Open Terminal button, the connection can establish and the extra click lands right on the Antenna power OFF button. As all you engineers know, when you power off the antenna on a remote device it is 'incommunicado'. So now you have a ship or drone that you spent time and resources constructing and launching (sometimes very far away) and you can't communicate with it. And if you didn't put a beacon on it.... It was kind of humourus the first couple of times.

The only remedy is an in-person visit (if you can find it) to the device that has been deprived of communications.

This may be exclusive to my setup (resolution, monitor size, etc) but I think it's universal.

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Voted. This is a problem that is purely generated by oversight in the GUI design itself, not the in-universe game mechanics.