Relative Dampening & Grieving

Thierry shared this feedback 3 years ago

On multiplayer server, a griever can lock your ship in relative dampening (with its ship or most of the time in spacesuit) and get far away from you that it look like he doesn't follow you anymore. You then get to your base and deconnect your mind free and once you log in, your base is no more...

Could you make that relative Dampening work only up to a certain distance (eg: Up to 100-200m of the bounding box of the a ship) before it is deactivated?

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Agreed. You have to be within a certain range to "lock on" relative dampers. If you get outside that range they should disable just as if you tried to enable them but weren't close enough.


Sure, but how about increasing relative dampening to broadcast range if your antenna has enabled the option for "transmit speed over antenna"?

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