Refill-, refuel- and trade-features for connectors

Patrick Berg shared this feedback 2 years ago

Currently using connectors to dock on stations and exchange cargo is pretty inconvenient.

When you remote control a drone, you will use access once docked. It already ends there in this case.

Then when you want to refill all the reactors of a ship, you have to manually drag and drop the uranium into each of them or wait a long time for the conveyor system to distribute the ingots. No easy refueling.

An refuel limit value setting for each ship would be great!

Like 4 Uranium. Once you are lower than that, you will automatically pull the uranium from a station if it allows refueling. Maybe a "Allow refueling" checkbox for storage could avoid uranium being pulled from unwanted places.

Refilling bigger amounts of cargo is even more complicated, because you often have to scroll through mutliple containers back and forth to swap the items into the desired container.

And you have to specify how much.

Why not allow us to see all accessible items stored on a grid at once instead of displaying them seperately?

Something like a grid base trade window to avoid all the scrolling. Hovering over an item would show a tooltip with specific cargo information, in case you want to know the name of its container.

Once you've confirmed the trade, the items will be transfered to a specified container. This could be solved via checkbox for cargo blocks. Something like "[x] tradestorage"

So basically

1. "Dock"

2. "I don't need this and that." (shortcut via shift+LMB on icons)

3. "I need this!" (shift+RMB for specific amounts)

4. "Confirm!" (inventory capacity check)

5. "Undock" Done

Would save so much time.

And an Autotransfer-feature would be even better, especially when flying a welder ship.


1. "Autotransfer" checkbox for each connector. Once checked, ship will try to transfer specific wares when docked.

2. Go to main container (trade storage checkbox) and click autotransfer button.

3. Itemlist opens with sliders. Adjust sliders divided into categories. Components, ores, ingots, ...

4. Define if you want to buy or sell these items and how many.

5. Done

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Look at the inventory manager scripts on workshop, one of them will be able to what you want. Currently Isy's is the most popular.