Reduce the block footprint of Rotors and Turrets

Auhrii shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hello! In light of the recent changes to collision meshes for blocks, I wanted to make a compact (and reinforced) system involving two rotors holding one block, so prevent "wobbling" about unwanted axes. The problem: Rotors take up a 1x2x1 block space - this makes it impossible for two rotors to connect to a single block, as the game considers the open-air portions of the rotors to be overlapping.

There's literally nothing in the top "block" of a rotor, and all it does is artificially inflate otherwise perfectly good mechanisms; please consider making Rotors and Advanced Rotors only take up a 1x1x1 space.

Now onto Turrets, and I see this being controversial: Please reduce their footprint down to 1x2x1! This would afford a lot more opportunities for shrouded weapons (potentially at the cost of visibility, i.e. the turret not being able to acquire and fire at a target due to obstructions). I understand that this may encourage further turret spam on builds, however I believe that is already mitigated heavily by PCU limits, and servers with PCU limits disabled often limit blocks in some other way anyway.

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I second this, I think it's absurd to have a 9x9x9 block perimeter for a turret that animates at the upper most block. Trying to adjust orientation of other blocks around turrets is a cumbersome task.


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