Redesign of the atmospheric lander

Mike Angel shared this feedback 4 years ago

The current atmospheric lander, with its refinery, assembler, and everything else required to survive, and with enough motors in its thrusters to last you several gameplay hours, makes survival easy as soon as you start the game. Not only that, but it can be used as a projectile to destroy enemy bases without any cost to the attacker, while the victim can hardly defend himself, unless they have a ridiculous amount of turrets capable of destroying the lander in seconds.

Because of this I propose the lander be changed into a "drop pod": basically a large grid box with an assembler and furnace, some O2, manouvering thrusters and unable to fly (aka no thrusters facing down) that stops using a parachute. This would make starting a survival game much more entertaining, as you don't start with everything you need already made, still allows players to select where they land in a certain area thanks to the manouvering thrusters, and makes using it as a weapon much harder.

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Also to actually have the solar cells it speaks of. They seem to have been removed from the vessel inventory.

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