Reallistic weight for unfinished blocks

Paul shared this feedback 2 years ago

There are some "exploits" in the game using unfinished blocks. Examples are using unfinished batteries as weight, because they are one of the heavier blocks, even if there is only one steel plate in them, or spamming heavy blocks while flying at high velocity so they act as bombs even if you don't even have to build them up first.

An easy way to fix this would be to give each step in the building process of a block its own weight. An unfinished block will weight next to nothing while a halve finished block will have halve the weight, or you could make it dependent of which components are in a block after each building step.

This way there is no way to exploit unfinished blocks anymore, the game makes more sence and it would be easier to build really lightwaight ships by using unfinished blocks as support as now that is stupid because they weight the same but don't have the integrity.

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The idea for it came after reading about this exploit, which seams to be a problem on some Servers: