Realistic Space Skybox option for all scenarios, etc....

Gabriel H shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hi Devs,

I've never been a fan of your skybox because there is an ongoing discusssion on what Space actually looks like VS the artists impression in various video games/sims. Most Space games or sims use the artists impression rather than reality. I found a skybox mod on the workshop but they aren't able to be implemented on your official scenarios, etc so it's a bit of a shame that. I would like to have the option to enable realistic space appearance of the sky box on any scenario, campaign, mission etc.

The stars should be hardly visible, maybe a few in the distance, faded away as my opinion is that stars can be either 2 feet away or 2 million light years. The sun is present from appropriate angle of course. The need for a flashlight would be more applicable and the sun's shadows should be obvious as well. Essentially, ESA's photos show a plain black background with strong shadows present in space.

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Stars aren't "hardly visible" in space. Do you think they somehow get brighter when viewed through an atmosphere? :) You can actually see more stars in space than you can from planetside.

It sounds like you are asking for not just realistic skyboxes, but also for a more severe lighting model. Both of these are available in the workshop (as you noted), but I agree it would be nice to have them as native options.

For lighting, 3 models would be ideal: the current "game" model, the ultra harsh / realistic model from the "space just got real" mod, and then the midline darkness from the "darker nights" mod.

A choice of a few skyboxes, one of which is an actual Milkyway Galaxy skybox, also would be a really nice addition to the game.

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