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Gabriel H shared this feedback 2 years ago

This is my top played Space Sim/engineering/creativity/relaxing/everything under the sun and Take on Mars. So here's the issue I feel SE has or hasn't got....Space Physics. It's hard to explain unless you play Take on Mars where you walk on Mars based on the planet's real gravitational data. So on Mars you have to put major effort into walking or moving because the gravitation force is strong. However on the Moon, you are light as a feather. So what about in Space? The idea overall is the simulated real space physics as I would call it based on where you are. In Space you'd probably experience a similar resistance to being underwater.

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Except, Mars has only about a third of the gravity that Earth has. The effect you're describing for Mars sounds more like the limitations of the traditional inflatable spacesuit, which doesn't have as much of an impact on the Moon because you don't have to move your body as much to move around the surface, due to the lesser gravity. In space, the only factor for movement would be whatever propulsion the EVA suit/pack has, which operates exactly as space does in Space Engineers (sans the speed limit).

The inflatable spacesuit is irrelevant for Space Engineers anyway; it's established that we're using the form-fitting spacesuit which doesn't hinder the body's own movement. As such, it's correct for the player physics to operate the way they currently do: the only difference between Earth and anywhere else is the amount of gravity in play.


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