reactors and power bugged on large grids

Frogboy1320 shared this feedback 8 months ago

Reactors on large grids are burning though uranium extremely fast and running at max output even if there is no load. Mystery power draws that come and go on the same type of grid. battery's can be fully charged and when you fly the ship using ion/atmo you get a few minutes of power even when you would have gotten a hour before the anniversary update. This is on a multiplayer server and this is the ship that seems to have it happen the most frequently.

and the server is the hurtlockergaming server its not modded not shure this will help.

Edit safe zone generators also no longer give a time readout and power draw read out.

Might be related. But we have had the problem on grids without a safe zone generator.

please fix this for it is crippling our larger ships.

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sorry i put this in the wrong category. should be in the bug catogory.