Re-add (and truely implement) planets larger than 120 Km

C.DEF shared this feedback 20 months ago

Yes this has already been discussed but I have a few Ideas for better performance and options.

1. Planets larger than 120Km will have an air filled core that is inaccessable to the player (ex. 300 Km planet with "mantle" thickness of 60 km and air filled core radius of 90 km)

2. add the option for planets larger than 120km to experimental mode (so that it doesn't impact people who play without experimental

3. add a new voxel, bedrock (pretty self-explanatory)

4. Limit in-game planet size to 360 Km (editing code to higher values would still work)

5. Like the supergrinding option in world settings, "SuperSizing" can also be an option in a world (this allows the world to not allow planets larger than 360km when the code is edited in the save file)

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Yes, No Man's Sky uses this kind of approach with success. So much so, in fact, that their planets can be utterly gigantic and still be performance-friendly enough for a console to run. And honestly, very few people dig so deep that this would affect how anyone is playing. We want HUGE planets and don't care about digging to the core.