Ramp up ship collisions

Vygintas Kirda shared this feedback 2 years ago

Entire station ca fall from space with almost no damage.

Need more damage during collision especially on ships that weight alot.

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I have seen ships reduced to the very seat the pilot was sitting in from crashing, with the entire rest just vanishing into nothingness and a crater, so clearly what you're observing can't be from "just not enough damage", at least not from that alone.


I think it is a case of the physics quality being throttled to keep sim speed at 1.0. This should vary from computer to computer. Where crashing a huge ship into the ground on a weak computer may cause it to bounce where on a strong computer it'll start destroying blocks. That said, there is an option for the physics quality throttling in the advanced world options the last I knew.


Adaptive simulation is OFF i'm running 32GB 4790K + 1080GTX