Radiation mechanics

KuuHaKu shared this feedback 2 years ago

Now that airtightness is officially done, I'd like to suggest radiation generation for reactors and other sources, it could be the same effects as being in an oxygen-less environment and would require players to plan where to build reactors. Something like this:

  • Radiation would have something like a falloff on open environments, but in enclosed rooms it would fill the whole room with rads;
  • Add special type of vents that have rad filters on it, which will need to be changed every few hours;
  • Rooms without filter vents will gradually accumulate radiation unless a door is opened or room is depressurized;
  • If normal vents are used to depressurize a irradiated room, then all the oxygen in connected tanks will be irradiated;
  • If a door to an irradiated room is open, the radiation will spread to nearby rooms (again, falloff);
  • Radiation cause damage to living entities (wolfs, players and spiders*), which is increased by the rad levels in the environment (entering a 100% irradiated room would be fatal, and a 10% room would cause normal suffocation damage);
  • O2 Filter blocks, just like O2/H2 generators, but use oxygen + energy (filter?) to generate clean oxygen (maybe at a 2/3 rate);
  • Filter item which can be made at assembler and has % levels (like canisters), being possible to disassemble, losing X material in the proccess (like how battery works, but at assembler);

Anyway, those are my ideas, I really think that this would give players another challenge to bypass, and a reason to use other sources of power.

*spiders live on an alien planet, so maybe they are immune to radiation?

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This has already been declined in the base game but may be available as DLC, or in one of their "future" games....


Should maybe do a search to see if anyone has suggested it before when you post an idea.


Indeed, but this other suggestion asks about radiation for warheads and ores, my suggestion asks about radiation generation on reactors - which would not be way too hard as pressurization mechanics already exists