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DonCDXX shared this feedback 4 years ago

I've been wanting to see a dedicated PvP mode where people get to choose from their BP list. Survival lets players test their miners and cargo haulers, but is a terrible mode for making proper tests of combat vehicles and fleet tactics.

For a dedicated PvP server, it should be able to be set to cycle through a pregame lobby to the map for playing and back to the lobby afterward. In the lobby, scenarios could be chosen like FFA, TDM, and CTF. Then options like small or large grid and a max PCU value. Players then choose a ship from their BP list under the max PCU value. Server admins should be able to put premades for people to choose if they don't have a suitable ship in their BP list.

There could also be more advanced scenarios where one player on each team gets a large grid and all the rest get small grid. Perhaps also base assault/defense, escort missions, etc.

This seems like an important step because it gives SE appeal to a whole other demographic of players. The action game players. The ones who don't want to spend 100+ hours in a survival map. The ones who'd rather spend 2 or so hours in creative for a ship and spend hundreds of hours going into fights then modifying their design and refining it into their perfect fighter craft. Those people are no less capable of enjoying the engineering aspect, they just want to do it in creative mode, between structured and balanced fights.

This kind of cycling lobby system would also work for races, turret defense maps, or any other kind of game mode modders might create.

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I agree, this is a great idea. I posted a similar one about having the option to join worlds in crews within the same starter ship. Surely, there is a whole demographic of gamers who would definitely buy SE if these types of ideas were implemented.


This is a good idea and a fair way to play for quick fights.


Yes, I also like this idea. Creative, Survival, and then PVP. Where players can cue up for maps made for pvp. Maybe a collection of small maps with a bounding box so players can't run away; in space or on planets and moons.

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