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After having my bases raided and destroyed on multiple accasions (when i was offline) and despite beeing heavily defended, i contacted a "pro" pirate friend to show me how its done.

I always kept to myself on any server and didnt disrupt others much, so i wouldnt know.

Fly just outside of the 800 meter range of the turrets

Fire at le turrets

Some bullets or rockets might fly further then 800 meters

Eventualy destroy or damage defences enoug to put them offline.

Go closer and deal with what is left.

Go inside and deal with the rest of interior turrets, have a survival kit on your vehicle or nearby so you can respawn. Dont rush, rushing makes you make mistakes. The owner is offline so you probably have enough time.

Loot and set some booby traps incase the owner returns.

So the questions here are could you change somethingh about PVP in general, maybe give turrets a longer range or other weapons a shorter one.

maybe make zone chips easier to obtain, cheaper or the ability to manucature them so people can protect their creations.

Dont get me wrong, i dont mind PVP. If i get attacked when online i will fight. But i would like my work protected when i am offline. Thats when the cowards come.

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As a server owner, I would really like if there was at least some sort of log or something to tell me who is engaging in PvP.


Hey, i am just a player for now, planing a server in the future, if the game evolves to be worthy of it.

but..you are saying there isnt a log? Not even a primitive one?


There's a log, but it doesn't contain data about who is damaging who's blocks.


These problems are server policy / server admin problems, not game problems. There are plenty of servers out there that have solved each of these problems.

Being offlined sucks, but if you are on a PvP server that allows it, then the solution is either not to build bases, or don't build bases on planets. This is "standard" operational procedure on any server that allows offline raiding.

If the server permits players to have Safe Zones, then it is up to the admins to determine availability of Zone Chips. Some servers are configured so that Safe Zones automatically work for free when everyone in the faction is offline. Some are configured so Safe Zones don't use chips when all faction members are offline. Some servers make Zone Chips very cheap and readily available. And some servers do none of that. All of these are server and admin controlled issues -- not problems with the game.

There are logs that show who did what damage to whom. I don't know if they are mods, or part of the Torch DS system or what, but when I was staff on a PvP server, this information was available. It wasn't available to players, but it did exist.


There are tons of mods and addons, i am refering to stock game, not to those.

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