PVP Feature Request - Preferred Targeting

JOHN GEERS shared this feedback 2 years ago

Most can recall the days of many Sci-Fi shows and movies where the captain of the ship tells the targeting system to target Engines, Life Support, Power, Weapons, etc specifically depending upon the tactical situation at the time. Obviously this may confuse the use of the decoy block but I would suggest that they can still be set to mimic all those blocks per the player targeting pref or the default programmed game targeting order. So, they would still take precedence as it would be implied that they could confuse targeting.

I think it would be nice to be able to slip up behind someone with manual and auto turrtys ONLY targeting their forward movement thrusters....

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“They’re trying to get away! Target their jump drives!”


Exactly. lol. I am surprised this did not get more attention... hmmm.

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