PvE Improvements, Combat Overhaul and some other things

Arn Rnt shared this feedback 2 months ago

Overall, Space Engineers is a bit boring. Yes, it's fun, you can build the ship of your dreams (with the game's limitations of course), you can do many things with your friends, and perhaps even play in a film.

Yet, once you have much of each resource, and a ship that can tear up anything that crosses its path, the game gets pretty repetitive. Even more in SP than in MP, but still.

Space Engineers needs to get some sort of life added to it. Something more than just half intelligent drones that'll will attack you randomly, and drop the heat once you get them off for a minute or so. We need AI to Players interaction, through the interface of in-game quests, that could be created both by the AI or the players in MP. The best way to immerse the player into the game would be to add AI controlled Engineers, that you could hardly differentiate with a regular player before interacting with it.

AI crewmembers would be a huge plus as well, as your ship wouldn't feel so empty anymore.

Immersion can also come through simple adding, like crashed, half salvaged ships that coukd be procedurally generated on the planets surface and in asteroids.

Combat Overhaul could be made through the addition of different weapons and equipment. Their addition will naturally add by itself new playermade playstyles and strategies.

Long range, high precision, high velocity weapons are clearly lacking. Many mods out there exist, especially the Railgun or the AWG Weapons pack, which by their success, show how much the players need these additions to the game.

Adding tiers to the existing blocks could add a sense of progression, and help players to design their ship more deeply.

More equipment would be radars, stealth modules to counter radars at a certain cost, energy shields, post combustion, flares, long range scanners (for ores, ships or bases detection) that could only be placed in stationary grids, thermo cameras... anything that could exist in a close future universe.

Mutlicrew needs to be improved as well. With the addition of equipment, more roles will come, but we need more options to manage the grid's different equipments. For instance, one could simply be assigned at managing the power levels of the ship in order to optimize the ship's capacities in a certain situation, while another could be tasked to manage the radar system, the camera array and the different exploration modules.

Overall, the game needs more interaction with the player, and most importantly, it needs life.

Thanks for reading this.

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AI engineers would end up limited, would take a ton of effort to avoid tons of bugs, and probably would be a bit of a hassle to take care of. Sure, I'd like the idea of a pressurized cabin with crewmembers manning the turrets, but the issues make it impossible to justify.

Carefully scripted interactions might work though. A shopkeep behind a storefront who emotes and interacts would be great.

Crashed ships being more common would be wonderful. A bit of effort to start off, but definitely worth it.

The main problem with combat isn't the number of weapons. Which is an issue, but not one that improves the overall situation if solved by itself. Gatling guns are OP, small ships are useless, and engineers can easily dodge most kinds of weapons. This guy made a ridiculously detailed suggestion with a powerpoint presentation, which I think is pretty close to the best-balanced central idea that I've seen.

Radar and stealth modules would be great, although it would probably have to be something like stealth armor for a bit of realism.