[Public Test] Ability to Remove Survival Kit from Production List

Aleliabro shared this feedback 2 years ago

Add the ability (through an On/Off button) to show in the production screen. When you get a grid with many assemblers its annoying that the first production block that is selected is the Survival Kit. Once you have the upgraded assemblers you dont want to use the survival kits for production. But they're still useful for a small Med Bay so there is a reason to keep them on base.

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I can somewhat understand the counterpoint that it creates an incentive for the player to "upgrade" their systems as soon as possible... However, I think that a gameplay mechanic being used to annoy the player arbitrarily to create incentive is bad design. Not at all claiming it is intentional on Keen's part, just answering a defense I have heard before. A *challenge* is pleasant to overcome, but an *annoyance* is just that - unpleasant in all respects. Also, yeah, the Survival Kit has utility way beyond the beginning pod, *especially being the only small-grid spawn-point*, it's just really annoying to deal with in the production tab.