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Duncan McEwen shared this feedback 4 years ago

Hey Keen,

I was surprised that there was not write something section on the Public Test survey. Overall there are some good improvements in this test, but it also seems a lot buggy-er.

The Bad:

I had a lot of times that my suit lights would not actually shine. I had to turn them on and off several times to get them to work. (What are they made by Microsoft now?)

Similarly my drills, welders, and such often do not make sound. Also while digging, the rocks and ore sometime don't fall right away.

There were a lot of graphically items from time to time. Seemed like the point where the resolution would sharpen was very close to me. Did the default settings change with this test?

There are still a few issues with learning to survive. This time I found the hidden base and I love the skeleton engineers. One issue was that if you don't do the tasks in order on the first platform they don't work. I tried doing the Oxygen task first, but it says to just fill your bottle at a survival station. I did not see anything telling me I had to fix the conveyor tube first. That could confuse a new player. Overall, the Learning to Survive scenario could use some more hand holding.

The Good.

Love the fact that you can share progress with your faction now. Very great improvement.

Learning to Survive is more descriptive and a helps a lot. A lot of suggestions from earlier test were obviously included. THANK YOU! One thing I noticed, is that if you smash up your ship on the asteroids, there is real way to fix the survival kit. Some how the inside of my ship got severely damaged but the catwalks outside showed no damage and prevented me from fixing things. Very odd.

The graphics do look very nice when they are properly resolved.

Overall a good test, but I think more work needs to be done to fix some basic issues. I really look forward to the next test.



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There are not enough default blocks in the game to have a progression tree, and there is no logic in the progression tree you've come up with. It's utter garbage, and you know it.

Survival Kit, Basic Assembler, Assembler, Basic Refinery, Refinery,'re just creating redundancies, and we have no ideal what refineries accept what ores, and once we have a refinery, we'll never construct the lower tiered items. Utter nonsense... I can't believe this is even disguised as a GAME. It's also clear you guys aren't too KEEN on documentation... Was looking to see what I had to unlock just to construct Small Steel Tubes, with no luck.

You guys don't have a clue, because you DON'T play you're own games as seriously as we do!

PCU's are rubbish, and this is the only game that utilizes this limitations scheme. My character wasn't even walking on the grids, why have doors if I can fly through the walls, floors and ceilings? Multiplayer even with 16 people is a lag fest. Every "overhaul" is a hype train catering to popular brownnosing YouTubers because you know you can't please the hard core gamers.

Pissing gamers off with frustrating game play mechanics is not what popularized the "survival" genre. From this small turd of a game you've been milking since 2013, I've seen NOTHING tangible to remotely convince me you guys are even serious about creating a good game, least of all worthy of the $$$ you've been pocketing, and redirecting to who knows what other conspiracy agenda's up your sleeves, because the money's surely not going back into the games your producing. Just give up KEEN, you're not CAPABLE of hacking it in the gaming industry.


Well, first of all, this is a public TEST. Keep that in mind. If you have an opinion about it, or a suggestion you can share it right here. You don't have to insult the developers because you didn't like the TEST version of their game.

Like I'm agreeing you about that there should be some form of detailed info in the released version about what the Refinerys/Assemblers can accept and what does they create. There is no need of any insulting and such.

I'm sure about that they are playing with tier own game. They even organized this PUBLIC TEST, so others could do it as well, so they wouldn't fall in to the mistake of making changes no one likes.

It's all for you bud, because they love you.


I've put thousands of hours into your game, Keen, perhaps if you can take 5 minutes to read this post, I would appreciate it!

You are right, about the insults, I could have left them out... The gaming industry has been my escape from reality all my life and it hurts watching it crumble to dust, when you look at what we were once so used to, compared to what it has become, it just feels as though the gaming industry is being sabotaged, and I can't place a finger on the culprits, because they hide behind corporate logo's, with political/social engineering motives.

I don't really see anything worth loving about the gaming community these days, and even the toxicity is rubbing off on ME, at times... I have many games in my head, but the question I ask, is... Does the world deserve a game by Harold McBroom. I've been part of gaming clans, the good ones are few and hard to find, with foul language taking over our native language in every country, not just America. Is this the end of gaming... It pits us all against each other for high scores and worthless rewards, and we are left with this inner craving no longer satisfied, missing the passion that developers once had. There's so much that has not been done in gaming, and yet we are getting the same copy cat clones disguised differently, but not by much.

Remember Independence War 2 Edge of Chaos, Empire Earth, Battlezone II, Command & Conquer, StarCraft, DOOM... It feels as though the industry is being dismantled under our noses, because gaming promote an alternate way of thinking, outside of the way they want us to think, staying within the confines, and not dreaming outside of our respective places in society. They don't want us to dream, only to accept that position in life where they feel we are better suited, that they may have their own paradise whilst all of us peasants suffer without hope of ever challenging their authority ever again.

I apologize to Keen Software for my insults, but there is a larger battle raging on within, if you can understand that... They are not the only developers I lash out at... I'm even more hard on The Fun Pimps (7 Days to Die) It is the corporate logo I'm lashing out, not at the individuals..

If Keen wants to succeed, they MUST come together not afraid to do what others are not doing, ...leave behind their own footprints, rather than following those footprints left behind by others. Don't make a game for US... Make it for yourselves, and if YOU enjoy your own game, I know we will enjoy it as well! Keen Software has the ability to steal EA's, Rockstar's, Sony's, Ubisoft's fan base all for themselves, and all YOU have to do is what they are not, and that is to create a good game, because all we're getting now are hype trains followed by disappointment on release.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Create a game for money YOU WILL FAIL, ...create a game from your HEART and the money will follow... keeping in mind that prolonged success is often times followed by betrayal, as often as we gamers have been the victims of.

Have you heard the news on the grapevine, of Ubisoft insulting their fan base, and Electronic Arts insulting their fan base, calling it's customers a bunch of grown up man-babies... These are triple A corporations insulting the very people who made them who they are today.


This was the last Public test.

But definitely not the last Update.


My humble opnion is i like the new blocks, the small batery is nice but a bit heavy in relation to the normal one, the hydrogen engine need a little more energy output or maybe less hidrogen comsuption(or both), the large grid version need a lot of power more because it size is equivalent to more than 2 battery, I aproved the temperature system is simple and nice, i noticed a change in wheels berraviors, they look like have more grip or power and added energy consuption a little high(reduce it a 25% pls) and slower turning speed, which is very good for large wheels, it seens also the atmosferic thruster are more heavy i don't like it(light atmosferic flyers are hard to achieve). Encounters very good(can't wait for planetary rovers encounters).

The Complain

When you hit a grid or voxel the blocks next to the impact area get demaged badly even like 3 large grid blocks away, Spiders seen bugged getting stuck in vertical wall blocks, but they look like the attack you vehicle more when you enter near it, which is very good for small grid(make they attack even when you are inside of it, like getting over it),And now not so related to this update opnions: please add more small block variants like small turrets(use 5,56), more small armor resistance(25-35%), more block weapons variants(long range rifle, cannon etc..),missile turrets shoot too fast make more slow with a little bit more tracking, 25mm turret rate of fire and reload is nice but nerf the power a little they should not mow you ship(2.5 half meter block armor)...

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