Provide specific guidelines on DLC modding.

Cheyne Stahlhut shared this feedback 4 years ago


Can we please get some more detailed guide lines about modding the new DLC blocks. Given this is the first paid DLC Keen has done around blocks, I have a couple of questions: -

1.) Will the FBX be included in the ModSDK like the rest of the game and be accessible to modders?

2.) If so, are we able to use the mesh geometry to make new blocks, e.g. I take the bed and I remove all the parts that make it a bed an turn it into a simple window that has no bed functionality that will fit in with Vanilla blocks, do I still need to mark this as DLC or not considering it uses pieces of the DLC geometry?

3.) Is the intention we can do pretty much whatever we like with the blocks as long as we maintain the XML <DLC> tag including complete addition of conveyors and scripting functionality?


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i i would also like to very much know, about the guide lines on modding and the dlc.

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