Projector shows the amount of components needed

Leonard Fries shared this feedback 2 months ago

If projectors made a summary of how many of each component they'd need for the build, making the required supplies would be a LOT easier. From my limited understanding of developing a game, it would prove to be an easy thing to get to work, given how the projectors already show each block that needs to be built. So instead of counting each individual unit, it could scroll through the list and say

"100 gyroscopes =

50.000 steel plates.

4.000 construction components.

400 large steel tubes.

400 motors.

500 computers.

5000 metal grids."

As it stands currently, when I'm building particularly large structures from a BP, and I want to know how many components I'm looking at, I have to use a somewhat unreliable method to determine the cost. I take the number of blocks that my blueprint presents, take off about 10-20% of that count, and (given the creation is made primarily out of heavy armor) multiply that number by the amount of steel plates and metal grids required to craft a single heavy armor block, For basically all other components I just have to make a set number, like 10k small tubes and 10k interior plates.

Thanks for your continued work on SE.