Projector Blueprint Workflow

Scott Holland shared this feedback 2 years ago

100% of the time it is necessary to adjust the positioning of a projection after the blueprint is chosen. It does not make sense for the interface to dump out of the terminal (as it does now) and force you to reconnect to the projector to then make positioning changes.

It would be SUPER GREAT if I could look around during the positioning process.

It would be EVEN MORE SUPER GREAT if a blue print containing a projector, just matched the orientation of the projector that is projecting it.

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Changing the ui opacity in the game settings helps. But I agree, the projector should print the projection in a more reasonable way.

Like orienting on the center of the mass of the projection.

Not quite sure if possible, but it would be even greater, if it could take the original orientation of the object into account so you don't have to turn the projection every time so it faces the right way.


I agree. This is annoying in survival.

1. I build a ship

2. Save ship into blueprints

3. Add blueprint to projector

4. Now I have to manually adjust projection to fit my ship which can be tedious due to low visibility or need to switch points of view. In case of troublesome blueprints I tend to add movement controls to toolbar of cockpit. That's still unnecessarily complicated.

Same when I need to place fixed emplacements onto rocks, I need to move around a lot to see how it will look and thus switch back and forth to/from menu.


- Add a button into projector that saves current ship to blueprints with this projector as pivot.

- Make it possible to WASD control projector ('Control' button in projector?).


For an intuitive solution please see this mod:

Multigrid Projector Extra


Despite its name this mod also works without the MGP plugin.


@Keen: Could you please consider adding this or some similar projector alignment mechanics to the vanilla game? Attached the current state of the mod. Please see Projector.cs and Aligner.cs for this logic.

It would be of tremendous help for the players. Those sliders on the projector's control panel are more of an ugly workaround than an adequate solution for this task. Useful for scripting (if they would be accessible), but not for manual alignment.