Projector Blueprint loop, lost Settings.

Cassiopeya shared this feedback 18 months ago

Hey, I created a drill with "holding points" so the drill can move forward.

I start with a projector on my rig to project the "holding arm". At the end of this "arm" there is again a projector with a saved "arm blueprint". After the first projection is welded, the projector automatically sends out the new "saved" "arm" and the drill can move forward. But with the second projected Projector (the 3rd in the row) the Projection no longer appears and I have to set it up manually, this leads to a wrong direction of this Projection. (All settings at 0). Here is a picture of my "arm".

The first part which is marked is the fixed part,

the second is the first projection

and the third part is the one that makes Problems. As you can see, at the end of the third part, the new Projection is in a wrong direction.

Its on a dedicated survival multiplayer Server.

Iam realy sorry for my bad english and hope you can help me with my Problem.

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Could you please attach the blueprint of your arm here?


Please see my comment on this ticket about nesting of projections:

You need to build up a nested projection up to the maximum number of arm extensions you want to achieve.

I would suggest using a self-building mechanism, something like the space elevator designs are using. They can move ahead with a combination of connectors and merge blocks, but there are different designs as well. Or just move your rig, build a large mining rover on 5x5 wheels. That's usually how I do it.


@Keen: I believe this is not a bug. => Won't fix