Progression & Economy Integration Suggestion

Spite shared this feedback 16 months ago

Instead of building a block to unlock more blocks; unlock the next item in the progression tree by purchasing the blueprint/schematics for it a an NPC Economy station.

I have enjoyed my time doing contracts, although I hope there will be more variety in future and I see many comments and posts about the progression & economy systems.

The most common complaint I hear about the economy stations is that (apart from a few choice items like thruster components or platinum) it is more convenient to do the mining and assembling yourself than to buy parts at a station, making it hard to find a reason to trade. Which I understand is a hard thing to balance, but this suggestion could give players another reason to interact with the economy system.

The most common opinion I see about the progression system is that it is a good idea, with frustrating execution. Perhaps this suggestion can offer a more immersive alternative?