Programmable Blocks should be able to run multiple scripts

BSimpson shared this feedback 39 days ago


Is it possible to change the programmable block to be able to run multiple scripts? Only the large grid version though.

It is difficult to make a design compact when one may need 4 or 5 programmable blocks. If each large grid block could run 5 scripts each it would be much better.

It also spoils immersion when a 2.5m³ block can not run more than one script.

Thank you.

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A programmable block can have run commands with different phrases, allowing it to run different methods on each input. Hence one script can do many things, which is just as good as (and more efficient than) having a separate script in most cases.

If the issue is that you're running several different workshop scripts on the same ship and don't have the technical know-how to merge them... You could mount small grid programmable blocks onto a small rotor head. Or use this mod: which is essentially the same thing.